Aircraft Systems and Manufacturing, Inc.

Aircraft Systems and Manufacturing, Inc. is a Texas-based company with an international reach.

ASM was founded in 1987, and has been in continuous operation for over 30 years.

A man tying wires in an aircraft harness assembly.

For well over a quarter of a century, ASM has been a leader in advanced avionics systems integration, offering STC Design Engineering, World-wide Certification and Approvals, and PMA Installation Kits.

For every avionics need, ASM has responded with comprehensive, cost and time efficient solutions, meeting regulatory mandates and offering technological advances for safer and more economical operations: ACARS, DADS (RVSM-compliant), DFDR/DFDAU, EFB, EHS, FMS (PRNAV-compliant), MFD, TAWS/EGPWS, Windshear, and more.

And as we move further into the FAA's NextGen, ASM has and will continue to create ways to bring these technological advancements into your cockpit, to the benefit of your flight crews, your maintenance crews, and your bottom line.

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