Aircraft Systems and Manufacturing, Inc.

Connecting your cockpit and cabin to the world around is a complicated procedure requiring sophisticated systems and expert engineering.

It is a challenge worthy of the World’s Leader in Advanced Avionics Systems Integration, and one that we are well-suited to handle.

Pilot using tablet to access electronic flight bag.

As is often the case in avionics, the main challenge in a connected aircraft design and integration project is not so much with the equipment and its proper operation, but in the associated mechanical components and the approval processes.

Not to worry, though - ASM has expertise in all of those areas.

Our background and industry history have given us invaluable experience in confronting and overcoming the special challenges of retrofit projects, as well as unique insight into the parts of the design, installation and certification process that are peculiar to retrofits related to connectivity.

The design, installation and certification of connectivity projects allows ASM to fully utilize our status as an FAA Organization Designation Authorization (ODA), and the management of revisions, re-designs, new installations and STC Amendments allows us to use our ODA to streamline the approvals process to the benefit of our customers.

The FAA certification process is demanding, and requires ASM to fully draw upon its keen understanding of applicable regulations and equipment specifications and its close working relationship with the FAA - including the Transport Air Directorate, the applicable ACO, the applicable FSDO and the AEG.

We've got it handled. So give us a call, and let's equip your pilots with a well-designed system that fits seamlessly and works flawlessly.

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