Aircraft Systems and Manufacturing, Inc.

Aircraft Systems and Manufacturing, Inc. is an FAA-approved manufacturer of PMA Installation Kits.

ASM has the ability to build kits for any STC install, whether it is one of our designs or a design which is licensed by or from another company. Aircraft-specific engineering is also available.

Line worker completing the boxing process for an installation kit prior to shipping.

All ASM installation kits:

  • are PMA'd and fully integrated
  • include concise (but thorough) instructions
  • include components shrink-wrapped on individual cards, logically arranged by assembly
  • include harnesses terminated at one end to minimize installation time and aircraft down time

As the World’s Leader in Advanced Avionics Systems Integration and PMA Installation Kit Design and Fabrication, ASM produces a wide variety of state-of-the-art wire and cable harnesses and associated electronic modules and assemblies for conducting, transmitting and receiving power, signals and data, including wireless data transmission.

All of our components and all of our assemblies are designed to meet and surpass the highest industry regulatory standards. But, what sets ASM apart is that our own Manufacturing Processes and our Quality Control Procedures are far more rigorous and demanding than any existing regulatory requirements or industry standards. From Component Procurement to Process Inspections, throughout the Fabrication stages, to 100% Ring-Out and Shipping Conformity, each component and every assembly are checked and re-checked to ensure complete functionality, reliable operation, system integrity and aircraft safety.

ASM offers its customers not only acceptable products, but extraordinary products. Our product AFFORDABILITY and our own DEPENDABILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY, with all of our products, make all ASM wire and cable harnesses and our electronic modules and assemblies the industry’s choice for trouble-free, safe and efficient installation, operation and maintenance.

Many of the wiring and cable harnesses and assemblies and electronic modules and assemblies in ASM’s PMA Installation Kits are available individually, for particular applications. Some of these applications include:

  • Annunciator Modules
  • Switching Matrices
  • EGPWS Trays
  • Antenna Assemblies
  • Specific Application Harnesses

ASM also offers a full range of comprehensive build-to-print services, based upon customer-supplied drawings.

The quality, safety and efficiency for which ASM is legendary and which our satisfied customers have come to expect are included with each wire, cable and electronic assembly, at no extra charge.


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