Aircraft Systems and Manufacturing, Inc.

As an FAA-approved Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) holder, ASM can streamline your project and improve your bottom line.

ASM offers an alternative to throwing your project over the wall to the FAA and hoping for the best.

Closeup view of an avionics system installed in an aircraft.

ASM’s ODA unit is able to directly provide certification approvals for avionics and aircraft system integration solutions for Part 25 aircraft, functions which are typically conducted by the FAA’s Aircraft Certification Service. This provides our customers with a much shorter path to certification as it bypasses the lengthy wait times often associated with submitting documents to the FAA for review and approval.

The certification experts in our ODA unit use their experience and their expertise to properly schedule and prioritize project tasks, and by reviewing and certifying the project details internally can significantly shorten the length of time between modification and return-to-flight by days, weeks or even months.

Read our ODA Press Release here.

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