Aircraft Systems and Manufacturing, Inc.

ASM has the experience and expertise to make your engineering project a success.

Our principal business is the design of electrical and electronic systems for the installation of avionics systems in transport category aircraft, as well as the manufacture of installation kits to effect the engineering designs.

    Engineering Services

    Engineer looking at aircraft engineering design on monitor.
    • STC Design Packages
    • Aircraft-specific Engineering
    • Digital Aircraft Surveys
    • On-site Installation Support
    • Aircraft Manual Preparation

    Manufactured Products

    Man reviewing documentation in a manufacturing environment.
    • Conformed and PMA Installation Kits
    • Avionics Assemblies and Modules
    • Build-to-Print Services
    • 100% In-house Laser Wire Marking

    Certification Services

    Professional person authoring certification documents.
    • Staff of FAA Designees (including DERs, DARs and DMIRs)
    • FAA STCs and Approvals
    • International STCs, Approvals and Familiarizations

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